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Knives, scissors, box cutters and corkscrews, baseball bats, bows and arrows, brass knuckles, bullwhips, cattle prods, golf clubs, hockey sticks, ski poles, straight razors and razor blades not in a cartridge, meat cleavers, large heavy tools like wrenches and pliers, screwdrivers, dog repellent spray, ammunition and toy guns are not permitted through the security checkpoints.

Now Acceptable:
Tweezers, small nail clippers, nail files, safety razors and eyelash curlers have been removed from the prohibited list. 
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·         Most airlines allow 2 pieces of checked baggage per ticketed adult. Total weight is 70 pounds per piece with a measurement of not more than 62 inches (HxLxD). Passengers with over weight or extra baggage are subject to an over limit fee to be assessed by the airline at the time of check in.  (Please check with your agent or directly with the airline for specific airline limitations.)

·         Additionally, passengers are allowed 1 carry-on piece that must fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat (22"x14"x9") and weigh not more then 15 pounds. Each passenger is also allowed 1 piece of “personal” carry on. (Purse, diaperbag, briefcase, shopping bag)

·         All luggages must be tagged with your name, address, and phone number.

·         All checked baggage should be un-locked prior to checking in.

·         It is recommended that you carry all valuables with you onto the plane.

·         Do not wrap gifts and presents that you are carrying, as all items are subject to search and may be opened by security personnel.

·         Never leave any luggage unattended while at any airport.

·         Claim your baggage immediately upon arrival and have your baggage claim tags available for inspection.

Most airlines have an extra baggage allotment for upgraded booking classes (Business, First Class), please consult the individual airlines website, or your travel agent, for details.

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