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Q: What do I do if I’ve lost my ticket? 

Contact Universal Tours immediately. We will assist you with a claim form for the airlines. If you are on a tour advise the tour guide of your situation. You will have to pay for a new ticket. A refund will be issued by the airline, this process can take up to 6 months and the ticket must not have been found and used.  back

Q: What is an e-ticket and do I have to travel on one? 

An Electronic Ticket (e-ticket) is a paperless ticket. During check in you will simply present your identification, the airline or other provider will match you name with the reservation and you will be issued your boarding passes. E-tickets are not available for all flights. If a flight is e-ticketable and you select to have us issue you regular paper tickets a $55.00 fee will be imposed. This fee is set by and paid to the airlines. It cannot be waived.  back

Q: Does Universal Tours just do air fares without land arrangements? 

Yes! We have contracts with many carriers and are happy to make air only reservations. Please check out The Reservations Section of this website, or fill out a Fare Request Form back

Q: Can I earn mileage for the air portion of my trip? 

In many cases yes. Ask your agent for details.  back

Q: I have miles for a specific airline. Can I redeem those? 

Depending on the situation and specific rules of the airline, miles may be redeemed.  back

Q: What is an upgrade and can I take advantage of it. 

Upgrades for airlines are available for most flights. Upgrades usually can be paid for by the passenger either as part of your package or during check-in.  back

Q: Can seat assignments be made in advance? 

Policies vary by air carrier. We will make every effort to accommodate your seat request before departure.  back

Q: I need to change my itinerary. What do I do? 

Contact Universal Tours immediately. We will make every effort to make your needed changes. Change and/or cancellation penalties will apply.  back 

Q: My ticket says non-refundable, is that set in stone? 

Yes. Some carriers will give you leniency in certain emergency situation. But if it says “non-refundable” you can bet that’s what they mean.  back

Q: Do I need to reconfirm my flights with the airlines? 

Yes. It is very important, especially during busy seasons, to re-confirm your flight. Airline policy says that you must re-confirm your flight 72 hours in advance. Not re-confirming your flight in advance can cause the airline to cancel your reservation, even if it is ticketed. Your package will include any local airline contact numbers you will need. back

Q: Are there special fares for children and infants? 

Yes. Many of our airline partners offer child and infant discount. Not all airlines provide discounts for certain fares. back


Q: Is travel insurance included with my package? 

Some of our tours do include travel insurance. Your agent can explain in detail policy coverage. For travel that does not include insurance Universal Tours strongly suggest that you purchase a policy. back

Q: I have travelers insurance through my credit card, is that valid for your tours? 

You should check your individual policy, but in most cases yes if you use the credit card to pay for the trip. back

Q: Do I have to have travel insurance? 

No travel insurance is an option. Travel insurance is also a good thing to have, and the cost is nominal compared to the cost of the trip you could be out. back

Q: I need to file a claim. What do I do? 

Contact Universal Tours and we will assist you with the claim form. You should also contact the insurance company. back


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