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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I need a passport and visa?

All international destinations require that you have a valid passport/green card/re-entry permit. The specifics of traveling on any of these documents does vary depending on the destination. Domestic travel and Mexico and Canada only require that US citizens and permanent residents carry their ID, and a birth certificate (green card if applicable). We at Universal Tours strongly recommends that for travel outside of the United States have in their possession a valid US passport.  back

Visa requirements vary depending on the destination and type of travel document you have. We are happy to assist you with your visa application and submission. If you have any question please contact an agent.  back

Q: Can a passport or tourist visa be expedited? 

Yes they both can. There are fees associated with expediting either.  back

Q: Upon full payment when will I receive my travel documents? 

2 weeks prior to departure. They will be sent to you via a company with tracking (USPS, DHL, FEDEX)  back

Q: Why must my name be exactly as it appears on my passport/identification? 

Post 9/11 the airlines have become increasingly diligent in adhering to the security policies in place from the FAA. One of those policies is that every passenger must be holding a ticket that reflects your name exactly as it appears on all travel documents.  back

Q: My documents have arrived, but I think something is missing or inaccurate. What do I do? 

After reviewing your documents should you have any questions or concerns please call or email us at the office. Should the documents need to be re-issued we will forward you an express envelope for return to us.  back


Q: How much luggage can I bring on my trip? 

Universal Tours suggests bringing only one piece of checked luggage and a carry on. Many tours have strict limits on luggage. Please check with a Universal Tours agent for specifics. back

Q: Are gratuities for tour directors and guides included? 

No. A gratuity is for services during your trip. You can review our tipping guidelines for suggestions.  back

Q: Is smoking allowed? 

Airplanes and ground transportation vehicles are non-smoking. Frequent stops are made to accommodate passenger who smoke. Hotels vary and Universal Tours cannot guarantee a smoking room. We will do our best to accommodate all passenger requests.  back

Q: What costs are not included in my package? 

Any personal items, meals not outlined in the itinerary. Any transportation (taxi,bus,etc) not as part of the tour. Any activities outside of the tour or during free time that you choose to attend.  back

Q: Will we be accompanied by an English-speaking guide? 

Yes. Other languages may be available depending on destination.  back

Q: Can we bring our children or infants on the tours? 

We encourage it. There is special pricing for children and infants.  back

Q: What policies are there for service animals? 

Air Carriers departing from the US must allow service animals in the cabin. The must be documented as such. Foreign countries do have different rules for this. If you are traveling with a service animal you must make Universal Tours aware of this and provide the documentation before booking. We will get the specifics for your destination and advise you.  back

Q: Can passengers with disabilities travel? 

Yes. But, you must advise us of the disability prior to booking. If you need special accommodations we will make every effort to reserve them for you. There may be portions of the tours that we cannot reasonably accommodate a disabled passenger. Universal Tours and/or our land operators will do our best to come up with free time for those instances or give you the option of another activity for you to participate in.  back


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