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Q: What forms of payment does Universal Tours accept? 

Universal Tours accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Cashiers Checks, Western Union and of course cash. Although we do not advise any client send cash via mail or overnight delivery. For credit cards the cardholder must be a passenger on the itinerary. All credit card transactions must be accompanied by the Universal Tours Authorization Formback

Q: What is the ďauthorization formĒ and why do I need to submit it? 

The authorization form is a simple contract between Universal Tours and our clients. Given we are selling products over the internet it replaces the imprinted credit card form and adds an extra layer of security to both our clients and Universal Tours. No credit card transaction will be processed by Universal Tours with out a completed and signed authorization form. back

Q: How can I contact Universal Tours with questions about making a reservation? 

Our agents are happy to field your questions and assist with booking your reservations. Please call us, or email with any questions you might have. back

Q: Are there optional sightseeing or mini tours I can add to my booking? 

Absolutely! Most of our destinations have optional sightseeing from individual places of interest to 2-4 day extensions. These can be added to your package before departure.  back

Q: Can a set tour be extended? 

Before departure alterations can be made to the itinerary, however, there are fees associated with changing itineraries for pre-set tour packages. If you are traveling on a custom tours and wish to extend it prior to issuance of documents there will be no fees assessed. If travel documents have been issued fees may apply. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions. back

Q: I donít want a package tour. Can Universal Tours custom design one for me based on my interests? 

Itís one of our specialties! Universal Tours agents travel to the destinations we sell and relish the opportunity to custom design a tour based on your interest and our experience. back 

Q: Do you offer independent vacation/tour packages? 

Yes. We can build you the vacation of your dreams that are independent or limited to your group with or without a guide.  back

Q: What is the minimum number of people for a tour to commence? 

That is dependant on the tour selected. The minimum is usually between 2 and 10 passengers. Although for pre set tours and general public tours Universal Tours and itís associated land operators may combine groups at their discretion. No group tour you join will have more than 30 passengers.  back

Q: Is the pricing for tours based on double occupancy? 

Yes it is. There are options for individual passengers and triple/quad accommodations. Pricing for this varies dependant on the tour. We use hotels that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. Also, some hotels will offer a roll-away bed for additional guests.  back

Q: How many days in advance do I need to book my vacation? 

Universal Tours suggests booking as far in advance as possible. We do have a minimum of 21 days before departure. Deposits must be included with reservation and full payment no later than 21 days before departure. No documents will be issued without full payment. For tour reservations made under 21 days prior to departure a $50.00 usd fee will be assessed for expediting the documents. Universal Tours cannot guarantee availability under 21 days.  back

Q: What will happen if I book a last minute vacation and it cannot be confirmed? 

Your deposit or full payment will be refunded to you, less a $25.00 usd processing fee.  back

Q: I donít need airfare, can I just book land arrangements? 

Yes. All our vacation packages and tours have a land only option.  back


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