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Q: What forms of payment does Universal Tours accept?
Q: What is the ďauthorization formĒ and why do I need to submit it?
Q: How can I contact Universal Tours with questions about making a reservation?
Q: Are there optional sightseeing or mini tours I can add to my booking?
Q: Can a set tour be extended?
Q: I donít want a package tour. Can Universal Tours custom design one for me based on my interests?
Q: Do you offer independent vacation/tour packages?
Q: What is the minimum number of people for a tour to commence?
Q: Is the pricing for tours based on double occupancy?
Q: How many days in advance do I need to book my vacation?
Q: What will happen if I book a last minute vacation and it cannot be confirmed?
Q: I donít need airfare, can I just book land arrangements?

Q: Will I need a passport and visa?
Q: Can a passport or tourist visa be expedited?
Q: Upon full payment when will I receive my travel documents?
Q: Why must my name be exactly as it appears on my passport/identification?
Q: My documents have arrived, but I think something is missing. What do I do?
Q: My documents have arrived but the dates or itinerary is wrong. What do I do?

Q: How much luggage can I bring on my trip?
Q: Are gratuities for tour directors and guides included?
Q: Is smoking allowed?
Q: What costs are not included in my package?
Q: Will we be accompanied by an English-speaking guide?
Q: Can we bring our children or infants on the tours?
Q: What policies are there for service animals?
Q: Can passengers with disabilities travel?

Q: What do I do if Iíve lost my ticket?
Q: What is an e-ticket and do I have to travel on one?
Q: Does Universal Tours just do air fares without land arrangements?
Q: Can I earn mileage for the air portion of my trip?
Q: I have miles for a specific airline. Can I redeem those?
Q: What is an upgrade and can I take advantage of it?
Q: Can seat assignments be made in advance?
Q: I need to change my itinerary. What do I do?
Q: My ticket says non-refundable, is that set in stone?
Q: Do I need to reconfirm my flights with the airlines?
Q: Are there special fares for children and infants?
Q: I have a service animal. What are the policies?

Q: Is travel insurance included with my package?
Q: Can I purchase travel insurance?
Q: What does the policy cover?
Q: I have travelers insurance through my credit card, is that valid for your tours?
Q: I have to cancel my trip and I didnít buy insurance, what do I do?
Q: Do I have to have travel insurance?
Q: I need to file a claim. What do I do?

Q: What if someone from home needs to contact me while on tour?
Q: Should I check in with the US Consulate or Embassy in the country I am visiting?
Q: How can I reach Universal Tours while out of the country?
Q: Does my medical insurance cover me on my trip?
Q: I have lost my passport/cash, etc. What do I do?

Q: Where can I find Universal Tours Privacy Policy?
Q: Where can I find Universal Tours Terms & Conditions?



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